Prof. Dr. Clara Salueña

Research Projects

Postdoctoral researcher


Departament de Enginyeria Mecànica, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain


Energy decay in a granular gas collapse

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Granular hydrodynamics and pattern formation in vertically oscillated granular disk layers

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Contact of granular particles and the simulation of rapid flows using event-driven molecular dynamics

European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering 12, 827-870



Transient structures in a Granular Gas

Physical Review Letters 93, 134301



Hydrodynamics of dense granular systems

SPIE, 3045


Research Projects

The properties of dense granular systems are analyzed from a hydrodynamical point of view, based on conservation laws for the particle number density and linear momentum. We discuss averaging problems associated with the nature of such systems and the peculiarities of the sources of noise. We perform a quantitative study by combining analytical methods and numerical results obtained by ensemble-averaging of data on creep during compaction and molecular dynamics simulations of convective flow. We show that numerical integration of the hydrodynamic equations gives the expected evolution for the time-dependent fields.



Scaling properties of granular materials

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Can we scale granular systems?

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